Sevigny Is Back!

Hello everybody, Sevi here and I’m back!

A few weeks ago I broke my wrist it hurt so bad I had to get a cast on. It’s been on for one week. I’ve been going to the library for a little while it’s really fun you can rent books and movies! Mean while I met a new friend Evie. She’s fun,  playful, and nice just like my other Bff Isabella.

Bye for now!


New plan cancel Vampires At Dusk and talk about real matters let’s start with life problems, dreams, and questions. For me I’ve got problems you don’t  even want to know about as for my life dream I want to be the most famous and well known pop star in the world! I know I know pretty big dream for a girl only 9 years old but I believe if you set your heart to it you can do anything! Then’s there’s my big life question hmm … that’s a toughie I’ve got to say it’s What’s the meaning of life? So that’s it Bye for now!

Hi everyone Sevi here I just started school and I really like my new school I like reading groups, lunch/recess, drama, and i- ready lessens. I really like my teacher Mrs Sanchez and the school nurse Miss Lea.







  1. Jamie · September 26, 2016

    How did you break your wrist? So glad to hear you like your new school and made some friends! Are you getting ready for Disney World?


  2. Robert Park · September 27, 2016

    Welcome Back! Thank you for getting back with us. I know you are busy, I know your having to do thinks no 9-year old should ever have to go through, no family should ever have to endure. But you are a trooper and a Shining Star for me, If I thought I had problems , they pale to what you go through. These times will only make you stronger. I missed your writing and know you do when you can!!!! Love you!


  3. Patty · September 28, 2016

    SEVI GIRL !!!! So glad you’re back!! I have missed your precious humor and spicy attitude ! Hope all is going smoothly with the treatments. Are you still writing your book ? School can be so much fun at your age especially when you’re as smart as you are. I hope you & the sista’s are enjoying life. Please keep up on all your good deeds, they never go unnoticed….I love & miss you a lot and pray your upcoming Disneyland trip is everything you hoped it will be!!!!


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