An Interview with Sevigny


Below is a Q&A with Sevigny Aislin Park, herself. We asked her questions, she answered. She gave the people what they wanted!

How do you like to spend your time?

Reading or playing!

What surprised you in the last month?

Staying in the hospital on mom’s birthday

Can you tell us what it’s like to get chemo?

Sometimes, it makes me dizzy or sleep. Other times, it tastes weird and makes me thirsty and it’s cold.

What has been the hardest part of living with cancer?

Everything is hard about cancer. I can’t tell which part is harder.

What has been your happiest moment recently and why?

Having a playdate with my friend, Gabby, and finding out we are going to Disneyland and staying there for a week! (We are going to Disneyland through the Make a Wish Foundation in November 2016).

What do you want to tell your friends and family who are thinking about you?

I will not give up and I will kill this cancer.