How To Help


Because we are a family of five, with three young children, just starting out in a new city with few family or friends nearby, we need help. Many of you have asked how you could help.


  • At the request of our friends, family, and amazing Denver community, we will be updating our wish list regularly. Some of the items may seem odd, but this whole experience is odd. We are surprised that Sevi’s diagnosis has impacted our ability to stay in our apartment, what household cleaner we use, and what we eat. But, it has. These are the main things we need!
  • If you are able and willing, you can make a financial donation for unexpected expenses related to Sevi’s diagnosis. We will keep our blog or donation page updated with how we use the money.
  • Right now, we have too many toys (seriously). Our house is overflowing with toys because people have been sending tons. So, for now, no more toys, please.
  • Massage oils–Brittany, a licensed massage therapist, has been giving Sevi and Patrick massages to help relieve stress and improve the effect of treatment. We need mild, unscented oils like this jojoba oil or this almond oil.
  • Gift cards for home goods–we have to replace several things to keep things cleaner or protected since Sevi’s immune system is down. We can get what we need from Overstock or IKEA or Wayfair.
  • Headwear for Sevi as she loses her hair from chemo. Specifically, Sevi requested cotton material, soft material, and things that are beautiful, maybe trendy. A great company to purchase from is Love Your Melon, who provides cancer research support and hats to children battling cancer. Or, something like this kid’s turban or this chic, soft beanie.
  • Mountain Herb Rose gift cards–We need herbal and aromatherapy products for complementary medicine for Sevi and chemical-free products.
  • Audiobooks for 9-12 year olds–Even though Sevi is 8 years old, she is really advancing in her reading level and will begin a homeschool/tutor regimen soon, thanks to her awesome school!
  • Healthy gluten-free meals. We’re still trying to pick up the normal pieces of our life, and we need to eat. We all eat gluten-free, and appreciate any frozen meals, snacks, or deliveries.


  • We could use your time, if you can volunteer to help give rides, babysit, or help around the house.
  • Just do, don’t ask. We are in such shock that sometimes, we can’t ask for what we need or we’re just too busy to think about it. Rather than ask, “what can we do to help?” offer something specific or just do it, like send a note, send a sweet text, or send healthy frozen meals.
  • Stay in touch over time. Cancer treatment is as rough as the diagnosis, and as time goes on, we still want to hear from you. We need our cheerleaders.