Our Situation

Our oldest daughter, Sevigny (Sevi), was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lyphmphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in mid-November 2015. We made an appointment with Sevi’s pediatrician, thinking that she had allergies, on Monday (11/9/2015) and by Tuesday (11/10/2015), she was diagnosed with ALL. Our family is devastated and overwhelmed by this diagnosis and treatment. We refuse to give up and lay down our child’s life to this despicable cancer. This diagnosis is incredibly difficult for us, especially because it came right after we relocated to a new city, and just birthed our third child, Rowan, after a very difficult pregnancy in which Brittany had to undergo gallbladder surgery.

Why Sevi? Our medical team has done all the lab tests possible and there is no explanation why Sevi has cancer. The physicians told us that it just happens to some perfectly healthy children and there is no explanation. Click here for a snapshot of leukemia.

What’s next? The treatment consists of outpatient chemotherapy. We are happy to have Sevi home now, after several days in the hospital. Although we are so thankful that ALL is treatable (in fact, it’s the most common form of leukemia in children), chemotherapy is a grueling treatment with many negative side effects. Sevi continues to experience many of the side effects, including immunosuppression, which requires us to separate her from her sister in her own bedroom, take special precautions with cleaning, and limit exposure to outside activities. Our medical team believes she will undergo chemotherapy one time per week for the next two and a half years.