Movin’ On

We moved. 

Finally finally finally, we moved! 


Sevi & her youngest sister, Rowan, in her new bed

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know our apartment was flooded in December and that, because any environmental irritants can trigger Sevi’s weak immune system, we could not keep living in our apartment even if they cleaned it. We basically lived in a hotel for two weeks, and then back to our apartment that wasn’t good for Sevi, but we couldn’t afford another option. On December 31, though, we moved! 

Our new rental is a house instead of an apartment, and has enough bedrooms for Sevi to have her own (that’s a special requirement during active treatment, to minimize contact with other germs and such and allow her to rest easily). 

Our new address is updated on the Contact Information page (click to the three little lines on the top of this webpage), so it will be there forever. 

If you need a fix right now, though, here’s the address: 
3483 S Glencoe St.

Denver CO 80222

It’s been one hell of a month–Sevi sick and hospitalized, her chemo treatment became more aggressive (another post for another time), Patrick went back to work, our 5 month old started teething (!), Christmas came and went in a less than usual way for us, and we moved in the middle of negotiating lots of financial hurdles. Week by week, though, we’ve been receiving your gifts, your donations at the YouCaring page, and the support of several nonprofit agencies in Denver.(click the How You Can Help link on this webpage for more info). For example, one agency hired movers for us–an incredible act of kindness. 

And week by week, we are moving on.

Our middle one, Zuri, as the tiger she is, in our new home


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