A Christmas Miracle: Sevi Update

  Christmas Day 2015

 Hi all, Eva here–family friend of the Park Family. My title carries a touch of the dramatic. There is no wild Christmas miracle. Sweet Sevi is still battling an invasive disease.  But I do write with a positive update on behalf of Sevi.

The past week, Zuri and Brittany caught a cold (daycare brings such great treasures). Then, Sevi caught the bug. Because her immune system is compromised due to chemotherapy, a cold for Sevi is a lot more than a cold.

She had a fever of 102.3 for over 24 hours, so she was admitted to the hospital for observation. Her medical team performed a blood transfusion. And then, all her labs stabilized and she was doing ok! In fact, she was able to have her regularly scheduled chemo (the more aggressive kind, see last post to get caught up). And, she was able to go home Christmas Eve! 🌲

 For the next two weeks, her chemo drugs will be more aggressive and each Wednesday, she will undergo anesthesia and also have a lumbar puncture so her oncologists can analyze cells in her spinal fluid to check her progress. Can you believe it all? For an 8 year old? What a brave young girl!


Sevi is big sister to this wild animal, Zuri (who is a great sous chef!).

As you can see, Sevigny joined the hairless trio with her dad and youngest sis, Rowan (thanks newborn baby baldness). Her hair had begun to fall out in chunks due to chemo, so she took the plunge and shaved it. One of her many new changes. 

I hope the rest of you are having a wonderful holiday. Let us practice gratefulness for our health and our loved ones and ourselves. 

As a Christmas gift to Sevi, what is one thing you wish for her (big or small) before next Christmas? 

She loves having a website, so let’s give her something awesome to read!



  1. Robert Park · December 26, 2015

    Super Picture of Patrick and the Girls, very nice, looks warm too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • brittepark · January 13, 2016

      Thanks Robert!


  2. Grace · January 3, 2016

    I love you guys so much and I wish I could be there with the girls in my lap and cuddling with my sister! You guys are so strong!

    Sevy- you remind me of Merideth in the movie brave! So strong! So Beautiful and so Brave! You are a light and an inspiration baby girl! I am making you a scarf! I also have a few books for you! 😊 I hear you love to read. Must be in our blood or something 😘 I wish I was there with you but for now I send my love xoxo!

    Britt Britt and Patrick- I love you guys so much! I can’t image how tough everything must be and how stressed you must be. And i wish i could take this pain away for you. Just remember to enjoy the little things.

    Again I love you all so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    • brittepark · January 14, 2016

      Thanks sister! Love you too! Sevi would love some new books to read, you are too sweet.


  3. Sydney Halstead · January 5, 2016

    Dear Sevi, this is Sydney from class. What kind of book series are you reading? I might also be able to get you a wig. To get your mind off your sickness, I can get you a fun activity. πŸ˜€πŸ˜Έ Me and my mom wish you healing and strength. You are SO brave, a real princess warrior! From, Sydney.

    Liked by 1 person

    • brittepark · January 14, 2016

      Hi Sydney! I miss everybody a lot! I am reading some Goosebumps but I have already read the first 20. My mom said that there are more so if there are maybe you could get me some, I would love that! I also love reading about animals and Egypt and mummies. I am also reading the Horse Diaries and want to read more about it. Thank you for calling me a warrior princess, they are my favorite. Hope to talk to you soon! Love, Sevi


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