Sevi’s Update: December 19, 2015


Sevigny as big sister when Rowan, our littlest, was born in July.

Hello to all you wonderful and caring folks. This is an update on Sevi’s health.

Our beautiful, caring firstborn has been going through a lot of physical changes recently. The cancer treatment, as expected, is about as rough as the diagnosis itself.

How Sevi is Changing
In the last eight or nine days, Sevi started losing her hair. It’s…unbelievable. You can’t quite tell if you’re not looking for it, but tufts of hair are definitely falling out. She is still as beautiful as she was in July! Her spirit, her sense of caring, and her fun heart are positively contagious. Her muscles are very weak–she’s been falling a lot. We have to carry her to the bathroom, and now we have a wheelchair for her to use. She started have nosebleeds last week–in fact, she was up all night with them. This is concerning for a child with cancer because it means her blood cells are low. That’s an awful lot of changes for a previously hyperactive 8-year-old soccer player.
Treatment Changes
This week, we had a conference with her medical team to discuss her prognosis–how she is doing. Their recent tests tell us that her cancer is still visible on blood tests–this means the treatment isn’t eradicating the cancer as anticipated….
So, Sevi is having all these diagnostic tests done:
  • bone marrow biopsy–to look at the cancer cells more closely to see if her risk level has changed.
  • blood and fluids drawn
  • lumbar puncture–they withdraw spinal fluid to get a better look at her cells. Here is a drawing of what it looks like for a child.


What’s Next?

All the tests showed that the cancer is not responding as well as expected. Sevi’s chances of being cured from this horrible disease went from 91% to 85% this week. These are still good chances, but we’re scared.

So, the doctors and we have agreed to make her treatment more aggressive. She will start new chemotherapy meds (who knew there were so many?).

And an even darker side of this drab coin is that the new medications have the potential to have terrible side effects later in life for Sevi–ones that affect her reproductive system, her menstrual cycle, and possibly her ability to have children.

I had no idea all this was coming. We can barely process it all and carry on with our regular lives. It’s not our regular lives, though. Some things are falling back into normal routine, but nothing feels normal.

Thank you all for your support to remind of us of the people out there thinking and helping us. We need it.



  1. Braden · December 19, 2015

    Thank you for the update and I can’t imagine how bewildering this news is. Hang in there! Sevi, you are such an amazing, intelligent and beautiful person and you have so many family and friends that love you incredibly much. Stay strong and remember the happiness in life 🙂


  2. lordschick · December 19, 2015

    Dear Sevy,
    I really can’t imagine how this is for you, but please know that GiGi, Grandpa Smith, Peyton and Gracie are all praying for you here in Oklahoma. We all love you so very much! The horses, cows, chickens, kitties and puppies are all waiting for when you can come see them. They know it will be awhile, but they are patient.
    We even have a huge flock of pheasants that run all over the farm now- they are wild, but they pretend they are chickens so they can eat their food. 🙂
    Kisses and gentle hugs,


  3. Robert Park · December 23, 2015

    Thanks for the up Dates, Be strong, and know you are in my mind and prayers all of the time.


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